On the 7th of November in the kindergarten №13 «Zolotoi  Kluchik» (A Golden key) was organized  a seminar for course listeners of the Institute of Advanced training of teachers in West Kazakhstan Region by branch of Joint  Stock Company «National Center for Training Qualification «Orleu»».

In 2018 on 02 Fevruary 49 kindergarten «Ak nyet» it is carried improving actions.

At the 2nd of February at the SSHK 48 «Murager» wasorganized relay competition between average groups «Dad,mom and i,sports family».

In the of February in kindergarten №47 «Bayterek» nas fold sports entertainment event with colleague №44 «Merei», №47 «Bayterek», №49 «Akniet» of colleague of pre school organizationson the treme of «Winter - strong» in connection the triumphic opening of the ХХІІІ Winter Olympics Pyeongchang – 2018.

Objective: to support  athletes participating in  the Winter Olympic games held in South  Korea in  2018; to instill love of children  to  the winter games; to develop continuity with the school,with  parents the development of  healthy lifestyles in preschool

2018 year February,1 In Kindergarten №45 "Nursat" provided family sport Competition "Winter Fun" to support our Kazakhstan sportsmen which will participate in XXIII Olympic Games in South Korea during 8-23 February, 2018y.In competition participated parents and their kids. They are school №42"Akniet", kindergarten № 45 "Nursat and kindergarten №46 "Akjaik".

On 2nd    of February  ,in  2018  in nursery  kindergarten   №44 « Merey» was a family sport competition  .The competition is named  “ Funny winter ”. The tutors of kindergarten  №44         « Merey» were helping during the competition .